May GOD truly bless you according to your Deed's
in an abundance according to your Actions !!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I am Michael Fisher , AKA Tank of T bar K Custom knives , in 1986 I belong to Aurora Black powder Club in Aurora Tx. I wanted a nice Bowie knife to Carry on my outfit but as a working guy it was almost impossible to make myself Buy a knife for 100. ,just wasn't going to happen , so I set out to make my own stuff ,patch knife an dress Bowie an figured out Why knives were so expensive when I started to make one , for many of us this was a major PITA but I stuck with it an wanted to make it happen , then when I got done with it by my standards today it looked like Junk but someone else wanted it an they paid me way more than I though it was worth to get it simply because I didn't want to sell it ,


I kept on making more an more an they progressed slowly ,reading Blade Magazine for tips to make my new Hobby more easy an make my knives more attractive Wayne Goddard had many articles that were helpful ,in 2000 I hurt my back at work an after our plant closed I had to make a living when Work comp ran out , Welfare for awhile but soon I quit that when I started selling my stuff online , in 2000 I came up with making my 1st real Switchblade for myself an it still hangs in my display ,(If I sold it for 500. id only be making about 2. per hr) but I never quit , then in 2001 the concept of making a Dual-Action auto from a knife maker I met in Waco at a gun show , My work has improved over the years to a point now that if someone on the net Ask in a forum someplace can you make an auto knife out of this knife or that knife , I usually get an email to see if I have done it or Why I cant make it work,or if its even worth doing .


My Credits for my Life now making knives an living as I do , first up is God thru Christ Jesus , MY Wife who stands behind me no matter what (unless I fart,She's usually still there just allot further away) an Our Church for Helping me When I needed it Most not only to turn our financial crisis around but showing me that there are Actually Real Christians in this world who care about their Nabors an are willing to back it up with their deeds , My Uncle Jerry ,Now deceased Told me I could when everyone else said id never make anything doing it an All my friends who Help me by showing others my work an bragging on me to their friends , I am so Humbled by that its hard to say it here ,but credit is important where its due that those folks know how much I love an appreciate them an Pray for them every night


If you don't know Christ in a way that He sustains your life or maybe if you have met Him an turned away ,God Still Loves you , No matter what the world throws at you , God can get you thru it , for re-assurement read psalms 91 . If you wish to know what Steps you must take to Find God in life the first step is REPENT of the wrong you know of in your life Pray an Ask God to Forgive you an be Baptized into Christ , not Just getting dunked in water ,but Choosing to Follow Jesus every day in Life in truth to your own self.  No one else matters When you Stand before Jesus , you'll do it alone , if you pass thru the gates of Heaven or Hell you will do that alone too , others may follow or go ahead, but your the only one who can make your own choice to go one place or the other . if nothing else gets on the site put this on there no matter what , Because no matter what else I do or say this is Important even more important than my life on this earth .