May GOD truly bless you according to your Deed's
in an abundance according to your Actions !!!!!!!!!!!


We can restore about anything in the knife area ,even if its not a high end knife but sentimental to you we can restore it.

I will give a price up front once I get the knife in my hand. I usually tell you if it's feasible or not an let you make the decision before any work is ever done. Our policy is this (We do it for the price quoted. Once I say the price that is the price. Even if it costs me in the end I do what I say when I say it.)

Disclaimer : If there is a problem, I consult with you to hash it out. If you send me a $5000.00 knife I will do my dead level best to make it the best it can be ever again but at the end of the day I am not paying for your knife! To me and from me to you insurance is your responsibility and I will not suffer for someone else's mistake.

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Ariel Re.Handle