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Original Design

We at T bar K design a lot of things on our own. Some of them are made up of multiple knives in patterns of blades an handles. Some of them just come out of my Head and directly onto Steel.
If I like it, I make a Pattern for it and I can somewhat duplicate it. I never build 2 knives exactly alike. There will always be subtle differences in our work because we fabricate every part in our own shop in Covington Texas. Even if I make it off the same pattern and do my very best to make it as close as possible it's not exact.
You get a completely handmade product for your money.
If you order 10 knives, each one is handmade by itself being fit to itself. Parts will not interchange.
Thanks for your time have a Blessed Day
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Custom amber stag drop point



Square button Damascus with Walrus ivory itallian style knife

$1195.00 on custom order as shown


10 in blade Bowie



DR style Switchblade Stag



mammoth ivory trapper in D-A



Ivory ,ca legal ariel style switchblade



Damascus and mammoth ivory